My wife Jody and I moved to Glen Arbor in 2003 to manage the Glen Arbor Bed and Breakfast. As soon as we got here, we knew this is where we wanted to stay. We also knew we would need to develope a business to support us because Innkeeping is traditionally not a long term career. (7-10 years) After 7 years, we left the BNB in 2009. A tough choice to leave such a good job in this economy,  but Innkeeping is a very special kind of job and we knew we had to "quit while on top", before "job burnout" occurred.

I've been painting since college (that's along time) and have always loved it. So we decided to start a painting business and now after 9 years we have painted many fine homes in the Glen Arbor area, and many local businesses. (See our referrences and photo gallery)

Over the years, we have built a great crew of painters. All of our crew are "locals" with a broad range of backgrounds. Parents, college students, pilots, engineers, former chefs.  We have been very lucky to develope such a talented crew out of our limited labor base.

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