If you would like references from private homeowners, please inqiure and we will provide them. We have also worked in several well known real estate agents' homes who would be happy to provide information. 

Meanwhile, you can 'drive by" our commercial jobs and see the quality of work we provide close up. They include:

  • North Restaurant - Exterior and Interior
  • Trattoria Funistradra
  • Foothills Cafe
  • Art's Tavern (Trim, Windows, Doors)
  • White Gull Inn
  • Crystal River Outfitters (Including the annex/pottery shop adjacent to the gas station)
  • Andersons IGA (Including the new Garden Center)
  • Cottonseed Apparell (The new interior annex)
  • The new M22 store across from Riverfront Pizza
  • The new bycycle rental/repair shop across from Crystal River Outfitters
  • Synchronicity Art Gallery
  • At the Homestead Resort: We were part of a complete makeover of CQ's Cabin, a popular lunch spot for skiers, and several upgrades at Nonna's Restaurant.
  •  Last spring we painted the new Salon at The Homestead Resort, "Lily Jade", inside and out
  • The Glen Arbor Gardens and Public Restroom Facility (We are proud to have donated all labor to the Township and Chamber of Commerce)
  • The historic Livery Building in downtown Leland
  • Most recently we have been working on the interior and exterior of the new art gallery in Empire, Sleeping Bear Gallery